President & Founder, One Girl Productions

Christina Cotronis, President and Founder of One Girl Productions, is a native New Yorker. At a young age, she was inspired by her father, a former basketball scout for Greek teams. He encouraged her to go out in the world and help young people who had talent but needed guidance. This was her father’s passion and philosophy and she too followed in his footsteps. Cotronis’ curiosity in the beauty and fashion industry peeked when she entered high school. The first magazine that caught her attention was “SEVENTEEN” She read it from cover to cover and remembered the model, Tara Fitzpatrick ,who SEVENTEEN consistently booked every month. This opened her eyes to the fashion industry and it became her mission to pursue it as a career.

Cotronis began her journey at Elite Runway working with John Casablancas and Ellen Harth. At Elite, she worked with Supermodels, such as Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, booking them for the designers’ fashion shows. Even though Cotroni’s career was growing, she always had an interest in broadcast which led to a position in Elite’s Television Division which managed the models for television commercials and beauty contracts. She was named the Director of the Beauty Division at Elite. Her next chapter was as Director of the Beauty Division at Paradigm Talent Agency, where she not only continued working with the Elite Agency, but as well, with all the top international modeling agencies.

Cotronis recognized that there was a need to bridge the gap between talent, agency and client. It was her true understanding of the nuances involved with all levels of production that prompted the birth of her boutique casting and production company, One Girl Productions. From onset, One Girl has collaborated with the most prestigious global clients, such as Garnier, L’Oreal, Maybelline and Pantene. Cotronis found her calling as Casting Agent and Producer being the go-between for the talent and the client.


Corinne nicolas

President & Founder, The Model CoOp

Corinne Nicolas is a native New Yorker and veteran of the modeling industry with over 20 years experience. Her pursuit of a career in the modeling industry came about by pure chance. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College, Nicolas had intended to follow a career in law, but quickly realized law was not the path for her. Fate intervened when a friend introduced her to John Casablancas, then owner of Elite Model Management.

With Casablancas as a mentor, Nicolas went on to work with such iconic models as Linda Evangelista, Naomi, Campbell, Tatjana Patitz, Claudia Schiffer, Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum.

After a few years at Elite NY and with the boom of South Beach, Casablancas sent Nicolas to Miami to open Elite Miami. During her three year stint as Director, one of her passions was scouting new faces and working with them in preparation for New York.

But not even the lure of the beach could keep Nicolas away from the New York fashion scene. She returned to New York, where she was named Vice President & Director of the Elite Division, the prestigious high board representing most of the Supermodels of the time.

In the 20 years nurturing and managing the careers of these defining models, Nicolas learned the benefits of selective exposure, strategy and planning when it came to model management. She also saw the industry change significantly with the dawn of social media, opening up opportunities beyond the runway and magazine covers.

In 2017, building on her management expertise, knowledge and industry contacts, Nicolas launched The Model CoOp. Now representing some of the most successful and recognizable models in the industry, The Model CoOp works to synergize their natural talent with entrepreneurial endeavors.